Spring Break 2018 in Walt Disney World

If you keep up with my blog, you know that I travel alone with my kids a lot.  This year for Spring Break was no different!  We decided to go to Walt Disney World, shocking, I know, lol.  We were there for 3 days and visited Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Blizzard Beach.

Now, I know what you are thinking “Disney during Spring Break? No thanks!” because of the crowds.  But honestly, it wasn’t that bad!  It was crowded but probably not any more crowded than a normal weekend (even though we were there during the week).  It was a “different” crowd though – there were people that were clearly unfamiliar with the parks so they would stop and look around a lot.  But that didn’t bother me at all!  I actually kind of like the idea of seeing people experience Disney for the first time, it’s well, magical! Pun totally intended.

I was still able to get fast passes to some of the best rides like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pan at Magic Kingdom.  We also got a fast pass for the Na’vi River Journey at Animal Kingdom.  The Avatar Flight of Passage of course was unavailable – but it is normally unavailable anyway, so no biggie.  And as I mentioned, I was alone with my kids – my daughter isn’t tall enough yet for it, so no baby swapping for us!

We stayed at Bahama Bay Resort in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 4 bed condo – that was nothing short of amazing!  It had a full sized kitchen that allowed me to cook breakfast and dinner every night that we were there.  I was able to go Grocery shopping at Publix which was just a short 5 minute drive away and stock up on all of our goodies.  The resort had a splash pad that my kids just LOVED!  It was really a home away from home experience.  I also liked that it was in more of a residential neighborhood, so it gave me the feeling of not really being a “tourist” which I liked a lot.  But yet we were so close to all of the action!

One of our favorite places to eat in Orlando is Texas Roadhouse  (the fresh baked rolls, OMG! – Try them with ranch dressing, don’t judge, just try it!) which was just 10 minutes away on the 192.  If you are familiar with Orlando at all, you know the 192 is one of the main roadways and it is very close to Bahama Bay Resort.  Animal Kingdom and Blizzard Beach were also just a 20 minute car ride.


Our experience at Blizzard Beach was SO. MUCH. FUN.  I cannot express what a good time we had there.  Right before our trip, I upgraded our annual passes to the Platinum Plus because it includes the Water Parks and has no blackouts.  Boy, am I happy that I did that!!  I can’t wait to go back to the water parks.  My son did an epic backflip on the zip line attraction – I am pretty sure it was unplanned but it was amazing!  You can enjoy a little video clip of it below:

If you want to see more of our fun videos, be sure to check us out on YouTube here.

How did you spend your spring break?


22 thoughts on “Spring Break 2018 in Walt Disney World”

  1. Our Spring Break was spent doing a few things – one Science Fair! Boo 🙁 but, she ended up with a 95% so that makes me happy. LOL.

    The other day we went to Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival, where we enjoyed some delicious foods around the World Showcase.

  2. How fun! We have never been to Disney World. One day we’ll make the trek east to enjoy such a fun place. We have however been to Disney Land a few times. I know its totally a different experience. But at least we’ve gotten to enjoy a little Disney fun.

    1. I went to Disneyland for the first time in January 2017 – I loved it so much! It is very different to WDW, it is smaller. But I liked that the characters walk around the park freely, they don’t and can’t do that at WDW, they would get mobbed lol. I also really liked the It’s a Small World ride better in Disneyland.

  3. We’re not on spring break for another couple weeks. 🙁 Disney has always been a place I have wanted to go sometime in my life.

  4. I went to Disney World around the age of your kids – and I don’t remember the trip AT ALL!!! So I always tell my parents that they totally lied to me LOL – sure they have pictures to prove it but I am still not convinced hahahahaha!

  5. We haven’t been to Disney in a few years. We went during spring, and I suppose it was spring break for some, because it was pretty busy. I would like to go back, especially during a non-busy time!

  6. Such adorable Mickey Mouse ice cream bars. You son ziplining in the pool was quite hilarious, it looked like both kids enjoyed themselves. Fast passes would definitely come in hand at a busy time like Spring Break.

  7. What a wonderful trip you had and it was fun to hear about all of the rides. It reminded me a little of summers when we go to the state fair. Friends will say, but I read there was record attendance and I’d think (like you) “It wasn’t that bad” ps: Warm bread with ranch dressing is something of great beauty. xx

  8. I always think it is difficult to travel with kids but you did great here! It is always fun to visit the Disney parks.

  9. That sounds like a great time to go as far as weather goes. We went in July and it was unbearable but we managed to get our whole list of to dos done although I am not entirely sure how we did it considering it was over 100 degrees. I do not miss living in Florida that is for sure.

  10. Nothing beats a trip to Disney World 😉 This is truly a great way to spend the Spring Break and I can see how everyone had a great time! You just made me want to go there too myself 😀

  11. It’s been years since we visited Disney World. Our youngest daughter is now three and it is the perfect time to plan a visit. We visit Disneyland often but rarely get over to the big experience!

  12. Never a dull moment at Disney World. Our spring break was unfortunately still too cold to be called Spring…so we did a staycation and visited local museums…Hope you had fun!

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