Adventures of a “Kindermoon” and Review of Legoland Florida







Have you ever heard of a Kindermoon?  It is a relatively new term, I think possibly created by Disney, haha, it basically means a honeymoon before Kindergarten.  Follow our journey through Luke’s Kindermoon this summer.

I gave Luke the opportunity to choose where he wanted to go for his Kindermoon – I literally asked him to choose any where in the world (not that we would actually go ‘anywhere’).   The three options he came up with were 1) Disney World 2) Disneyland 3) The Nickelodeon Hotel in Dominican Republic.  We go to Disney World ALL – THE – TIME, so I really wanted his Kindermoon to be special.

I decided to surprise him with Legoland!!!  Now, I know you are probably thinking “why did you ask him where he wanted to go and then take him somewhere else completely?”  Good question.  I have never flown on a plane with my 2 small (toddler aged) children by myself and I really have no desire to because I would have to lug not only all of our luggage, but the double stroller and 2 car seats – no thanks!  So that nixed both Disneyland and The Nickelodeon hotel immediately and as I mentioned, we go to Disney a lot and even though we LOVE it, I wanted to try somewhere new. Also, to be clear, Luke is OBSESSED with Lego’s and Ninjago! I knew he would be over the moon for Legoland.


Boy was I right!  All he knew was that we were going somewhere fun for his Kindermoon, it wasn’t until we pulled up to the entrance of Legoland that he realized where we were; he screamed “oh my gosh, Mommy we’re at Legoland!!! Thank you Mommy, thank you!!!”  Needless to say it was a hit! We visited the park for the first half of the day and ended with the water park.


I’d like to share my honest opinions on our experience at Legoland.  First and foremost, I think Legoland is geared more towards younger children (no older than 12 years old) as the rides are a little smaller and not really “thrill” rides that older kids may like.  For us, it worked out perfectly because my kids are 5 and 3 years old.  It is a much smaller park compared to other theme parks in Florida, which I can totally appreciate. We didn’t wait longer than 15 minutes for any rides or character meet and greets – huge plus!


The Water Park is also smaller than other theme parks in the area, again though, I didn’t mind – it made it very easy to see and do everything in a matter of hours.  My kids played in the Duplo splash for most of the afternoon – I even rode some of the water slides with them and I had THE BEST time!  There was lots of laughter and great memories made… something we will not soon forget.  The wave pool is not over powering, it was a lot of fun.  We spent a little time on the “build a raft” lazy river; what made this especially fun was the fact that there are floating Lego pieces that you can build on your float.  It kept the kids entertained and me as well as I tried to grab as many Lego pieces as possible as they floated past us.  We had a blast! On our next visit, I would love to stay at the Legoland Hotel – it is literally at the entrance to the park, talk about convenient!

Have you ever been to Legoland? What was your favorite attraction?

29 thoughts on “Adventures of a “Kindermoon” and Review of Legoland Florida”

  1. I haven’t been to Legoland but I’ve heard it’s tons of fun for kids. My hubby loves Lego, so we might go sometime just to see all the cool builds even if we can’t really go on rides!

  2. Legoland was one of my kiddos faves. We stayed at the Beach Resort and went to the waterpark as well. I loved that the waterpark had something for all ages. AND it wasn’t as busy as the bigger parks.

  3. We had some friends who just came back from LEGO land in Florida. They loved it and would recommend it to everyone.

  4. LOL, his reaction is so cute. I have never heard of a “Kindermoon”! I used the term “babymoon” recently and a friend didn’t know what that was either (quick ‘honeymoon’ before a baby is born, for a couple).

  5. My grandkids visited Legoland last summer and they had a blast. I enjoyed looking at all the neat photos and I’m always so impressed with what they build out of legos at Legoland. Maybe I can go with them next time.

  6. I haven’t been and had thought of taking my son as he loves Leg’s but if it’s geared for younger children we would go somewhere else as he is 10 going on 11 in December.

  7. My kids loved Legoland!!! Legoland is a fun place for kids, they can build Lego and much less crowded that Disneyland.

  8. I’ve never been to Legoland before and I think it’s the sweetest thing that you can do for your child! That’s really lovely and I’m sure you guys had the best time there too!

  9. Gosh, I’ve never heard of the term Kindermoon, but we did take my nine year old (then five-year-old) to Disneyland before he started school. We, unfortunately, didn’t get the chance to do that with our second child. But hopefully, we’ll do it at some point in the coming years.

  10. That Chewbacca LEGO sculpture is impressive, most impressive. My kids have been wanting to go to LEGOLAND but we haven’t gotten around to it yet. Enjoyed reading about your trip there.

  11. I have two grandkids in your recommended age that would probably enjoy Legoland. It does look like a place I need to take them to. My teen grands would prefer something a little more daring, lol.

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