Adventures of a “Kindermoon” and Review of Legoland Florida







Have you ever heard of a Kindermoon?  It is a relatively new term, I think possibly created by Disney, haha, it basically means a honeymoon before Kindergarten.  Follow our journey through Luke’s Kindermoon this summer.

I gave Luke the opportunity to choose where he wanted to go for his Kindermoon – I literally asked him to choose any where in the world (not that we would actually go ‘anywhere’).   The three options he came up with were 1) Disney World 2) Disneyland 3) The Nickelodeon Hotel in Dominican Republic.  We go to Disney World ALL – THE – TIME, so I really wanted his Kindermoon to be special.

I decided to surprise him with Legoland!!!  Now, I know you are probably thinking “why did you ask him where he wanted to go and then take him somewhere else completely?”  Good question.  I have never flown on a plane with my 2 small (toddler aged) children by myself and I really have no desire to because I would have to lug not only all of our luggage, but the double stroller and 2 car seats – no thanks!  So that nixed both Disneyland and The Nickelodeon hotel immediately and as I mentioned, we go to Disney a lot and even though we LOVE it, I wanted to try somewhere new. Also, to be clear, Luke is OBSESSED with Lego’s and Ninjago! I knew he would be over the moon for Legoland.


Boy was I right!  All he knew was that we were going somewhere fun for his Kindermoon, it wasn’t until we pulled up to the entrance of Legoland that he realized where we were; he screamed “oh my gosh, Mommy we’re at Legoland!!! Thank you Mommy, thank you!!!”  Needless to say it was a hit! We visited the park for the first half of the day and ended with the water park.


I’d like to share my honest opinions on our experience at Legoland.  First and foremost, I think Legoland is geared more towards younger children (no older than 12 years old) as the rides are a little smaller and not really “thrill” rides that older kids may like.  For us, it worked out perfectly because my kids are 5 and 3 years old.  It is a much smaller park compared to other theme parks in Florida, which I can totally appreciate. We didn’t wait longer than 15 minutes for any rides or character meet and greets – huge plus!


The Water Park is also smaller than other theme parks in the area, again though, I didn’t mind – it made it very easy to see and do everything in a matter of hours.  My kids played in the Duplo splash for most of the afternoon – I even rode some of the water slides with them and I had THE BEST time!  There was lots of laughter and great memories made… something we will not soon forget.  The wave pool is not over powering, it was a lot of fun.  We spent a little time on the “build a raft” lazy river; what made this especially fun was the fact that there are floating Lego pieces that you can build on your float.  It kept the kids entertained and me as well as I tried to grab as many Lego pieces as possible as they floated past us.  We had a blast! On our next visit, I would love to stay at the Legoland Hotel – it is literally at the entrance to the park, talk about convenient!

Have you ever been to Legoland? What was your favorite attraction?

Kidlo Kids Educational App

My kids have been lucky enough to partner with Kidlo to try out their Award Winning educational app for kids and toddlers; I have to say, it has been nothing short of amazing!  My toddlers (ages 5 and 3) love to “play” with this app. I say play in quotations because while they are playing, they are really learning – which I LOVE!

It’s been said so many times that we should limit screen time, and I agree, too much stimulation isn’t good.  But when they do get screen time, I prefer them to be on an app that is providing both education and fun.  I also like that it is safe for them to be on without my supervision because I know that nothing inappropriate will pop up.  That is comforting for me as a Mom.

Kidlo provides Math, Reading, Phonics and so much more!  I would definitely rate this app in my top 3 for kids “must-have” apps.  There are songs and kid-friendly activities that really holds their attention.

My daughter (the 3 year old) struggles with the alphabet.  Can she sing the song? Yes.  Can she recognize letters in front of her? No.  Both of my kids are very different, and that’s ok.  My son could spell his name at age 2 and could tell me all the planets in the solar system at age 3 – not joking.  I love that the Kidlo “Learn English” app provides my daughter with songs about each letter in the alphabet and it’s not one song per letter,  I heard at least 3 different songs on just the letter E alone.  I love it!  I know that in time, she will recognize and know her letters very soon with the help of Kidlo.

My 5 year old will be entering Kindergarten this coming school year.  We are going on vacation this week for Spring Break and I am happy that we have the Kidlo app at our fingertips so he can continue to practice his addition and subtraction even while we are away.  The trick is on him though because while he is having fun, he is also learning all while we are on vacation! Mom win! Regardless of age or skill level, there is something for toddlers at all stages of their educational development.

My one suggestion for Kidlo would be to add a desktop version.  While apps are amazing and so accessible (believe me I love this), I think it is also a good idea to have a desktop version so kids can practice using a mouse and keyboard.  Just my opinion!  Disclaimer – We did not try the coding app yet, but it is next on the list.  We have downloaded it and will be “playing” with that very soon as well.  The English and Math apps are great.

What are your favorite kid friendly, educational apps?

Thank you to Kidlo for allowing us to try out these apps.  We have thoroughly enjoyed them and are looking forward to continuing to use them for our fun and education.

You can download these awesome apps here:

Kidlo English App: English Learning For Kids

Math Games: Kindergarten Math Games For Kids

Coding Game: Kidlo Coding Games      

The “Threenager” Woes:

Let’s start with the definition:

Threenager – Three-nāj-er (noun):

A 3-year-old child, going on 18 that has emotional outbursts and an attitude of that of a teenager.


I cannot be the only person going through the “Threenager” phase! Whoever came up with “terrible twos” just hadn’t hit the threes yet! My word… it’s tough! My daughter tells me practically every night
don’t talk to me ever again”… haha ok. Insert eye-rolling emoji here.


My friends and I have chatted about this lovely stage in our babes’ lives; one friend said her son tells her “Mommy you’re not my best friend anymore”.   I think it’s cute… to an extent. We definitely have to pick and choose our battles as parents; and honestly, half of the time I walk away (and giggle to myself). I love to see her personality although it can be trying at times.


6 Signs that you have a Threenager:

  1. Nap time… what is this nap time you speak of? No matter how tired they are, they will never ever want to take a nap.
  2. They have selective hearing. Often the voice they hear isn’t yours.
  3. Commanding is an understatement – they are downright bossy!
  4. Glitter shoes anyone? With every-single-outfit.
  5. Independence overload!
  6. ATTITUDE! Expect an outburst or temper tantrum at any given moment.


Thankfully, this phase is just for a season. I feel like I can hear wine glasses clinking around the world as I speak… Mommies unite! I wouldn’t trade my little threenager for the world. I love every stage of this “parenting thing”, trials and all. It’s wild how fast time goes! In a blink of an eye, they will be all grown up and I will probably be longing for those attitude-y, “don’t ever talk to me again” comments.


Can you relate? Do you have a Threenager?  Please tell me I’m not alone!