Kidlo Kids Educational App

My kids have been lucky enough to partner with Kidlo to try out their Award Winning educational app for kids and toddlers; I have to say, it has been nothing short of amazing!  My toddlers (ages 5 and 3) love to “play” with this app. I say play in quotations because while they are playing, they are really learning – which I LOVE!

It’s been said so many times that we should limit screen time, and I agree, too much stimulation isn’t good.  But when they do get screen time, I prefer them to be on an app that is providing both education and fun.  I also like that it is safe for them to be on without my supervision because I know that nothing inappropriate will pop up.  That is comforting for me as a Mom.

Kidlo provides Math, Reading, Phonics and so much more!  I would definitely rate this app in my top 3 for kids “must-have” apps.  There are songs and kid-friendly activities that really holds their attention.

My daughter (the 3 year old) struggles with the alphabet.  Can she sing the song? Yes.  Can she recognize letters in front of her? No.  Both of my kids are very different, and that’s ok.  My son could spell his name at age 2 and could tell me all the planets in the solar system at age 3 – not joking.  I love that the Kidlo “Learn English” app provides my daughter with songs about each letter in the alphabet and it’s not one song per letter,  I heard at least 3 different songs on just the letter E alone.  I love it!  I know that in time, she will recognize and know her letters very soon with the help of Kidlo.

My 5 year old will be entering Kindergarten this coming school year.  We are going on vacation this week for Spring Break and I am happy that we have the Kidlo app at our fingertips so he can continue to practice his addition and subtraction even while we are away.  The trick is on him though because while he is having fun, he is also learning all while we are on vacation! Mom win! Regardless of age or skill level, there is something for toddlers at all stages of their educational development.

My one suggestion for Kidlo would be to add a desktop version.  While apps are amazing and so accessible (believe me I love this), I think it is also a good idea to have a desktop version so kids can practice using a mouse and keyboard.  Just my opinion!  Disclaimer – We did not try the coding app yet, but it is next on the list.  We have downloaded it and will be “playing” with that very soon as well.  The English and Math apps are great.

What are your favorite kid friendly, educational apps?

Thank you to Kidlo for allowing us to try out these apps.  We have thoroughly enjoyed them and are looking forward to continuing to use them for our fun and education.

You can download these awesome apps here:

Kidlo English App: English Learning For Kids

Math Games: Kindergarten Math Games For Kids

Coding Game: Kidlo Coding Games