Key West Trip – Must See and Do!

Oh, Key West! I have to start by saying I am native to Florida, which  is actually kind of rare because most people who live here came from somewhere else.  The first time I ever visited Key West was in 2010; now, without fully giving away my age (I am in my 30’s) it’s pretty wild that I had never taken the time to explore this beautiful little town.

Mallory Square is great for people watching – there are tons of people putting on shows whether it is acrobatic cats (yes, feline cats) or someone singing or ripping you off for a $10 coconut, there is so much to see and do down there.  One thing that surprised me was the amount of kids that were there.  Key West has never struck as a “kid-friendly” destination but there were a lot of families and they seemed to be having a good time.

I am sure you have all heard about the amazing sunsets in Key West.  They are just magical!! I recorded a time lapse video of the sunset – it is worth the watch.  You can see the video here. Note, don’t look directly into the sun or you will see spots for a while after, haha.

If you are in search of a beach experience, I do not recommend Key West.  The beaches are beautiful to look at and sit near, however, there are a lot of rocks.  Maybe I have been spoiled with the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, along with The Gulf Coast in Naples.  I just personally didn’t care for the beach in Key West.

One of my favorite hidden gems in Key West is Better Than Sex!  Wait! What?  YES!!! It is a dessert restaurant – first things first, how genius is it to have a restaurant that only serves dessert? Yes please!  All of the desserts and drinks are seductively named and they totally live up to the hype.  I have to go there every time I visit the Keys.  Before they moved locations, the restaurant was very dark; I mean so dark that they gave you mini flashlights so you could see the menu.  They really set the tone with the ambience.  While their new location is still quite dim, you can actually see the person/people you are with.

Here are some of my favorites:



What are your favorite things to do in Key West?