Legoland Florida Resort is Open & Safe to Visit

Social Distancing at Legoland Florida Resort     Legoland Florida is Open

How To Vacation Like A Pirate

Legoland Florida Resort is open!  We were hosted by Legoland Florida Resort last weekend with a day visit at their theme park and water park, along with a stay at the brand new Pirate Island Hotel.  First let me start off by saying, Legoland Florida Resort is safe to visit.  If you take any trips to Florida this summer, make sure one of them is to Legoland Florida Resort.  We are so thankful for the hospitality.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, enjoy!

New Pirate Island Hotel at Legoland Florida Resort.    New Pirate Island Hotel at Legoland Florida Resort

Scavenger Hunt at Pirate Island Hotel Legoland Florida Resort     Scavenger Hunt at Pirate Island Hotel Legoland Florida Resort.    Scavenger Hunt at Pirate Island Hotel Legoland Florida Resort

New Pirate Island Hotel at Legoland Florida Resort     Scavenger Hunt at Pirate Island Hotel Legoland Florida Resort

Pirate Island Hotel

The Pirate Island Hotel blew our minds!  We were greeted by a lego shaped pirate chest with gold chocolate coins along with a personalized welcome note.  There was a scavenger hunt for the kids (I can’t lie, I really enjoyed it too!) in the room every night; it was also equipped with a bunkbed in a separate room that included a trundle underneath – that can totally fit 3 children.  I loved that there were 2 tv’s as well so my sister and I could watch our shows and the kids could watch theirs.

I was tickled by the elevator entertainment as well; the pirates had snarky remarks and chanted “heave-ho” during the ride – make sure not to steal their treasure!  Due to the current pandemic, guests can experience a “VIP elevator ride” which means that only one family can be in the elevator at a time – there are signs posted to notify guests.  That is a great social distancing measure, if you ask me. There were lots of lego play areas to build and be creative.  I want to highlight that they were cleaned and sanitized very frequently.  Hand sanitizing stations could be found all throughout the property.  Masks are not required, but suggested.  We chose to wear our masks in all public areas.

Shipwreck Restaurant at Pirate Island Hotel Legoland Florida Resort

Shipwreck Restaurant at Pirate Island Hotel Legoland Florida Resort     Shipwreck Restaurant at Pirate Island Hotel Legoland Florida Resort

Shipwreck Restaurant

The Pirate Island Hotel also offers complimentary breakfast to all guests and it was SO GOOD!  You will receive a skillet of eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy. Be sure to book your reservation on Open Table in order to cooperate with proper social distancing.

They also offer an “all you care to eat” dinner at their Shipwrecked Restaurant – this also did not disappoint!  We chose the “Seadog Skillet” which included grilled flank steak, pork tenderloin, blackened fish, garlic citrus shrimp, rotisserie chicken accompanied by mac n cheese, mashed potatoes and baked beans. And the bread… I needed to pause for this bread… This was the most delicious bread I have ever had, we had to ask for a second one.  It comes out in a cast iron mug with a cinnamon butter… and O-M-G it was amazing!!!

Finally, the dessert was a warm chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream, chocolate & caramel sauces and health bar pieces.  We wanted to lick the skillet when it was done!  I highly recommend dining here for both breakfast and dinner, you will thank me later.

Social Distancing at Legoland Florida Resort    Granny's Apple Fries at Legoland Florida Resort

Legoland Florida Park

As I mentioned above, masks were not required but recommended.  There were masks available at the entrance free of charge for anyone who needed or wanted one.  In full transparency, I did not see a lot of families wearing masks and we were not temperature checked before entry.  There were signs throughout the park regarding social distancing along with ground markers identifying where to stand.  I think everyone for the most part did a good job of keeping their distance.

It was HOT and I am a native Floridian.  I found it a little difficult to enjoy our time in the park with the masks on and sweating.  I recommend bringing portable fans, cooling towels and making sure that you and your family are properly hydrated.

We went on a few rides, one of which was “The Great LEGO© Race”, suggested by my 5 year old daughter… scariest-moment-of-my-life! Haha! I know the amazing engineers have designed a perfectly safe ride but I thought for sure, in that moment, that we wouldn’t make it.  I am literally cracking up as I type this.  It was so thrilling and terrifying at the same time – but that’s what makes it fun, right? Unfortunately, the photo center wasn’t working yet since they had just reopened so we didn’t see our ride picture.  I imagine it was hilarious though, I screamed and had my eyes closed for the big drop.

We missed the Ninjago ride this trip, (one of my faves) but we’ll just have to go back when it is a little cooler and stay longer to ensure we are able to enjoy all of the attractions.  Make sure to grab some Apple Fries right in front of the carousel – they’re unlike anything I have ever tasted, you’re welcome.

Vacation Like a Pirate at Legoland Florida Resort     Vacation Like a Pirate at Legoland Florida Resort

Legoland Water Park

Fun times were had by all!  Firstly, there are lockers to keep your belongings safe and dry while you play.  There are 3 different sizes to choose from and they were very reasonably priced.  We started off at “Build-a-Raft River”, which is exactly that – a not-so-lazy river that had super awesome LEGO’s that you could build onto your raft.  Who doesn’t love building LEGO’s while swimming? It’s fun for all ages.. we spent the entire time giggling.

After a few times around the river, we headed over to the LEGO Wave Pool which also had awesome bricks to play with.  There is a 10 second countdown and then the waves come roaring in!  Can we just talk about the musical playlist for second? We were singing and dancing the whole afternoon. There is also “Build-a-Boat” – you can design and build your own boat our of LEGO’s of course, then set them off in an awesome race!

Last, but certainly not least, we spent the rest of our afternoon hanging out at the Joker Soaker!  It’s a a fun-filled obstacle course if you will, that has slides and a huge bucket of water that fills up and dumps out an epic amount of water every couple of minutes.  The kids went wild going up and down the slides – they had the best time!  We ended our day by heading back to the Pirate Island Hotel pool and having even more fun.

Vacation Like a Pirate at Legoland Florida Resort     Vacation Like a Pirate at Legoland Florida Resort

Vacation Like a Pirate at Legoland Florida Resort     Vacation Like a Pirate at Legoland Florida Resort

Everything is Awesome!

Magical Mommy was here!  Everything really is awesome at Legoland Florida Resort!  Safety is a top priority, we felt completely safe the entire time. I can’t wait to go back for another visit later this year.  Thank you Legoland Florida Resort for your hospitality.  Be sure to check out our video compilation on Instagram.

21 thoughts on “Legoland Florida Resort is Open & Safe to Visit

  1. LEGOLAND is one of the best places to take the kids, bar none. My kids are HUGE LEGO fans, and they always have a lot of fun when we go there.

  2. It looks like a lot of fun to visit, but it seems like Florida is still having a lot of new COVID-19 cases. I’d love to visit it with my granddaughter when she’s old enough to enjoy it.

  3. We have been wanting to go since we heard about it, but now I really want to go! I didn’t realize they would have a separate restaurant too! Eeekk!!

  4. My family really needs a vacation right now. And Legoland Resort is the perfect place! So colorful and beautiful!

  5. Legoland is one of my kids and I dreamed place to visit and I am sure that we are going to enjoy that place as we loved legos a lot.
    Thanks goodness that they are following safety precautions for the safety of everyone.

  6. Looks like you had amazing time visiting Legoland Florida. Legoland is definitely on our bucket list. Thanks for writing this lovely guide.

  7. We’ve never been to Legoland, but it sure looks fun! We might have to take a weekend trip there!

  8. What a fun time for the kids. I loved legos growing up and even though I’ve never been to Legoland, I think I’d have too. Good to know it is safe and open to viisit.

  9. Such a fun place to visit with kids. They definitely need some fun time after quarantine. Too bad we are far off to visit this place. But thanks for sharing this guide.

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