I am just a mom that loves her kids, documents everything while trying to figure out how to be the best parent I can be!

Like a lot of parents, I capture and document everything my kids say and do. I love to take them on new adventures and give them the best experiences; after all we only have one life to live, right? I got into the blogging world for that very reason; a friend said to me for months “why don’t you start a blog? you document everything anyway.”  I would laugh and go about my day. Then finally I was catching up with one of my best friends who is a Super Blogger (you can check out her blog here) and she was telling me about all of her great experiences with blogging, so I decided to give it a go.  So far we are loving it!

My little Magical family consists of Laura (Magical Mommy), Luke (5) and London (3). We have worked with a few brands so far such as Kennedy Space Center, Aloette, Cruise Critic, Kidlo and Grabease to name a few.  We are always looking to collaborate with new brand!  If you are interested in working with us, let’s chat!

Email: hello@magicalmommyblog.com